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Today, DuoFlex is designed in such a way as to distinguish between the mix of cardboard, paper and plastic film and the mix of metal, glass and plastic. The system is flexible and already prepared, so that in future it may be possible to offer our customers the opportunity to recycle even more types of waste without having to purchase new containers. For example, Damifo Vojens is working towards the possibility of adding textiles and drink cartons to one of the two chambers.

Our aim is to recycle as much as possible. In this way reusable types of waste in the residual waste, which are currently incinerated, can also be used as a resource in the future.

In addition to the partitioning of P3 and MGP, the 2 chamber bin could also be used for dividing organic waste and residual waste. Thus, the space requirement in each household is reduced as is the cost of collection. They are also looking into whether the four groups, P3, MGP, organic and residual waste could all be collected in a 4 chamber bin.


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