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P3 from the bin's one chamber is paper, cardboard and plastic film. The materials are sorted and compressed into large bales. Cardboard and paper waste can be recycled to make new cardboard packaging, paper, egg boxes, toilet paper and much more. The plastic film is suitable for production of new soft film such as cling film, shrink wrap and sacks.

MGP from the bin's second chamber is metal, glass and hard plastic. Aluminium cans are compressed into briquettes for reuse in the aluminium industry. Bottles and glass are earmarked for processing into cullets, for use in the production of new glass products.

Hard household plastic in the form of PET bottles, plastic containers etc., has a number of uses. For example, PET bottles into new food packaging or recycling in the textile industry, where they become garments such as fleece jackets and the like.


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