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 The 2 chamber bin, placed next to the general waste bin, is the target for the household's daily trip out with the household waste, and sorting is simple: One chamber is for Cardboard, Paper and Plastic film (P3) and the other chamber is for Metal, Glass and Hard Plastics (MGP).

 Two types of collection vehicles are currently used in Denmark. One type has a 2 part chamber running the length of the vehicle. When emptying into the rear of the vehicle, the contents of the bin are distributed into the two chambers in one tip. The other type of vehicle has a front chamber and a rear chamber for each mix of waste. It is possible to empty two bins at a time for each of the vehicle's chambers. The vehicles are easy to operate and work with.

Out in the municipalities, the waste is reloaded onto larger transport units before the onward journey to the final sorting at Damifo Vojens's facility in Vojens. The transportation per tonne is relatively cheap and has a low environmental impact .

The central sorting facility in Vojens receives the reloaded volumes at two different sorting systems for P3 and MGP respectively, where it is sorted out in pure fractions, to be allocated to the recycling industry. It is sorted into cardboard, paper, plastic film, iron aluminium, clear glass, coloured glass, CSP (ceramics, stoneware, porcelain), as well as several types of plastics and several types of non-recyclable items. At MGP, municipality customers have their own bay for weighed waste resources and the volumes are sorted and weighed separately for correct and accurate settlement of the customer's volumes.

 These are set aside by Damifo Vojens, which resells the pure fractions to the highest bidding buyers both nationally and internationally .


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