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Make it - easy to do the right thing

DuoFlex was introduced by Damifo Vojens in 2004 represented at 12.000 households. Today more than 300.000 households has recyclable waste resources collected with a DuoFlex system at the household and the number is still increasing. The waste is centralsorted by Damifo Vojens. There is a great willingness among the population towards waste. Most citizens want to participate, just as long as the system is easy to use. DuoFlex allows citizens - in a simple easyy way - to do the right thing for the environment and the economy. The efect of using DuoFlex is apparent.

All municipalities that have adopted the system has experienced increased amounts for recycling and decreasing amounts for incineration. It is a proven system that has shown to be efficient, reliable and economically sustainable. Improved technology in the collection and sorting has enabled this revolution, and with DuoFlex Damifo Vojens has developed a system that provides a strong value chain, ranging from citizens to the recycling industry.

DuoFlex - more types of waste resources on the way


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