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Environmental project no. 1724 – 2015

Mechanical sorting of plastic waste from households
Development of Danish sorting concept

The project was carried out from January 2012 - June 2014 in collaboration between the Damifo Vojens A/S and Teknologisk Institut.

The project "Mechanical sorting of plastic waste from households - development of Danish sorting concept" has as main objective to increase the recycling of valuable materials in the municipal waste stream, which - through the existing waste systems – are not recycled properly. It also aimes to improve the working environment for employees in the waste industry. to achieve the following goals:

    • Knowledge of the composition of materials for recycling
    • Knowledge of suitable separation and reprocessing technologies
    • Knowledge of outlets
    • Development of sorting technologies to suit the conditions on the Danish market.

The project carry out a number of waste analysis to determine what types of plastics contained in the plastic fractions that are typically collected in Denmark. Based on the results of these waste analyzes and literature studies of previous studies, new market opportunities and prices has been examined.


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