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From political hold in both Denmark and the EU there is great focus on how we can manage the worlds resources even better than today. With seven billion people in the world and still increasing, we need to look at how natures raw materials are handled to secure the children of the future.

Recently The Danish Government set a new strategy and goals for waste resources, pointing towards more recycling and less incineration of waste materials. In benefit for both the environment, the climate and the economy.

One of the goals is a 50% recycling of all recyclable household waste by 2022.

Project SAGA II – running from May 2014 to December 2014, is an outrun from the previos SAGA I project from 2012 mapping the organic household waste potential. In this project it became clear that the waste for incineration contained volumes of various types of recyclable resources, such as paper, plastic, textiles, beverage carton, glas and metals. Some of these materials already has a system for household collecting, but for those materials that did not we needed to find out the potential and know if it would be relevant to persue any further.


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